Sonya Illuminating Gel

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Make your skin glow.

Licorice root and a unique blend of green and brown algae help to even skin tone and blur the appearance of age spots. This algae blend is paired with liposomes to ensure the benefits get delivered to your skin right where they are needed. We also utilised red clover flower extract to help reduce the appearance of large pores.

Another reason Sonya Illuminating Gel is not like anything else available on the market is a unique collection of five Asian botanicals: scutallaria baicalensis root, glycyrrhiza glabra root, morus alba root, artemisia capillaris flower and zizyphus jujube fruit. These oriental plants are known for their ability to even and brighten overall skin tone.

Your improved skin will reflect a soft, smooth texture and emit a healthy glow with envious results. Use as part of the Sonya Daily Skincare System to control oil and deliver moisture where your skin needs it most.  

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Uma "I love this! Really makes your skin pop! "

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