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You're probably wondering why I go so crazy  for this ubiquitous plant, especially when there are over 400 species of aloe across the world. There is only one that is proclaimed  to be the most powerful and beneficial  Aloe Vera. Aloe Barbadensis Miller is a name worth knowing. It's one of the oldest botanicals on record , dating back to 2200 BC! 

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Image showing Aloe Vera being hand harvested

Grown in hot climates around the world, the aloe plant is renowned by society for its luscious leaves and tropical appearance, with many choosing to decorate their homes with this plant. However, there is far more to this decorative plant than simply its impressive aesthetics, for within the large verdant leaves of the aloe plant lies the miraculous Aloe Vera.

Aloe Vera has been celebrated for centuries for its cool and calming gel like substance and moisturising properties. Aloe Vera is a naturally occurring medicinal property.  

Becoming increasingly popular within both the beauty and health industries, Aloe Vera is a sought after item in which many value and utilise for both its healing and beautifying properties.

What can Aloe Vera do for you?

From plant to product to you

From plant to product to you! From the moment our aloe is planted in the ground until it reaches your hands we control the process.

This plant to product to you philosophy means not only do we own the ground that the aloe grows in, we control how it is harvested, manufactured, packaged and transported to ensure you receive the highest quality aloe at the best available cost. 

At Forever we combine pure aloe vera with natural and scientifically advanced ingredients , specifically selected to complement and enhance the benefits of aloe. 

Our aloe products were the first to receive the international Aloe Science Council's seal of approval for content and purity 

Throughout our manufacturing process, we perform over 1.4 million quaility test per year to ensure you get to enjoy the power of aloe vera, just as nature intended

Image of shield to represent history


People have been using aloe vera for its soothing qualities since 2200 BC.

Image of Aloe gowing in the sun to represent the correct variety Aloe Barbadensis Miller


Aloe Barbadensis Miller is the most nutritionally valuable variety of aloe vera and the only kind we grow.

Image to show calendar to represent the time taken nurturing plants


Our aloe can produce leaves for up to five years.

Image showing Aloe in the palm of a hand to represent hand harvesting


We harvest by hand to ensure every leaf is perfect for harvest and to avoid damaging the aloe plant. 

Image of a Aloe Leaf represemtig hand filleting


Forever hand fillets every leaf to extract only pure, potent inner leaf aloe vera gel.

Image of the world to represent the largest grower of Aloe


On over 7,500 acres, we grow 50 milllion plants and produce 65 million pounds of aloe vera each year.

Environmentally Friendly Practices

Doing right by our planet is an important part of what we do at Forever. After all, we work very hard to help people lead happy, healthier lives and that means doing our part to help protect the environment.

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