Aloe Hand Soap

Leaves skin clean, soft and rejuvenated. Experience this product on your 60 day money back guarantee when shopping through this site.

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ALOE HAND SOAP is discontinued

Alternatives are:

Aloe Liquid Soap

Aloe Avocado Face & Body Soap

Aloe Hand Soap leaves skin clean, soft and rejuvenated.

People wash their hands eight times a day on average. If you’re using a soap high in surfactants, you’ll end up stripping away moisture and leaving your skin exposed to the environment’s drying elements. Aloe Hand Soap moisturises while you wash and helps to lock in that moisture, leaving skin smooth and conditioned. Our paraben-free formula uses naturally-derived cleansers to keep your skin healthy and comfortable.

Forever’s softening formula is made with 100% stabilised aloe vera gel from plants hand nurtured and hand harvested from our own plantations. We combined this inner leaf aloe vera with naturally nourishing ingredients like glycerin, cucumber fruit extract, lemon peel oil and chamomile, which adds a mild, pleasant scent.

Cucumber is a soothing agent while lemon peel oil pulls double duty, acting as an astringent and skin conditioning ingredient. Glycerin is a plant-based humectant that helps your skin preserve moisture and feel rejuvenated.

With a combination of natural oils, fruit extracts and the best of science and nature, Aloe Hand Soap has just what your skin needs to feel great no matter how many times you wash your hands every day. 

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Frequently asked questions 

What are the key ingredients in the Aloe Hand Soap?

The hand soap consists of Cucumber, Lemon peel, Chamomile, Olive oil, Coconut. 

Can I use the product on my face?

The skin of your face, head/scalp, and hands/feet is slightly different from the skin on the rest of our body and therefore recommended to be treated differently. Forever provides specially developed cleansing products that are designed and adapted for the sensitive skin of the face. We want to give you the opportunity to diversify the business and introduce your customers to the skincare line for complexion cleansing. With that said, although this product has been designed for use on the hands, if you and/or your customers decide to trial it on your face and feel the Aloe Hand Soap works well as a facial cleanser, of course you can choose to use it as such but please ensure you carry out a patch test beforehand.

Can this be used on animals?

As long as the skin is well rinsed with clean water after use, the use of Aloe Hand Soap should be ok on animals other than cats; we feel it may not be suitable for use on cats due to cats often being sensitive to citrus oils.

What is the PH value of the Aloe Hand Soap?

The PH value of the Aloe Hand Soap is 4.9-6.1  

Is the Aloe Hand Soap paraben free? 

Yes. We can confirm the new Aloe Hand Soap is completely paraben-free.