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In just four days’ time the March Equinox will be upon us, marking the first official day of spring

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Your body truly is a temple which requires the right fuel and exertion for optimal performance. Make sure you are treating it with the love and respect it deserves and you will almost certainly feel better for it! The long, harsh winter is finally over and it’s time to come out of hibernation mode and prepare our bodies for the year that lies ahead.

  • Make sure you never skip breakfast

  • Drink plenty of water

  • ‘Eat the rainbow’ to ensure you get the full variety of vitamins and minerals that different fruits and vegetables provide.

We all know that eating a balanced diet and incorporating exercise into our lifestyles is important for our health, but what do you do if you are struggling to ditch bad habits and transform your way of life? The C9 is a great place to start! The nine day programme has been designed to kick-start your healthier lifestyle and adjust your mindset before moving on to F15 and taking the next step to looking and feeling better. Take the plunge today by committing to a healthier way of life and you will be reaping the benefits.


Most of us will be familiar with the saying ‘Clear space. Clear mind’ and it does tend to work for the majority of people. If you are surrounded by clutter, the more easily you will find yourself distracted and less focused, increasing your chances of procrastinating. Spring is the perfect time to spruce things up and have a good old declutter! Find the time to commit to a full day (or two) of cleaning and sorting your home to create a fresh and organised space. Take each room at a time, and divide items into three piles – ‘throw away’, ‘donate to charity’ and ‘keep’. The extra space you’ll gain from doing this should inspire you to persevere and make sure you treat yourself to some attractive storage solutions after conquering each room as a reward. Once you are satisfied with the decluttering process and your newfound space, it’s the time to get cleaning! We recommend using a multipurpose detergent such as Forever Aloe MPD due to its versatile cleaning power. Forever Aloe MPD is the perfect product for undertaking those notoriously neglected chores such as mopping the floors and scrubbing the bathroom tiles, as well as for every day household jobs such as washing the dishes and tackling your laundry pile.

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